We’re an official supplier of Nabertherm and VITA dental furnaces, offering a comprehensive package of installation support and training. Call now for more details and our best prices.

The Nabertherm range of furnaces and accessories is characterised by high quality and an excellent price/performance ratio. Nabertherm offers a wide range of products for perfect results of your dental restorations, from preheating furnaces for investment materials and casting molds to a wide selection of sintering furnaces for zirconium oxide, translucent zirconium oxide and CoCr alloys as well as furnaces for stress-relieving annealing after laser sintering.

We also stock a range of VITA firing devices – for reliable sinter, crystallization, stains and glaze firing and press processes, while ensuring intuitive and simple operation.

Click here to find out more about the i500 or have a look at the Medit End-User Facebook page for any number of excited and satisfied clinicians.

The MEDIT T-Series’, with their powerful scan engine and affordable pricing are a perfect fit for both performance enthusiasts and entry-level users. We stock the T300 and T500.

5 Reasons to choose MEDIT T-Series

Superfast Scanning – Quality hardware and software work together to bring the fastest scanner in the dental industry to your lab. Medit’s exclusive, flexible multi-die provides an all-in-one scanning to dramatically increase your productivity.

Open Type Scanners – Read any STL scan data you may already have, and export occlusal scan data when required.

High Accuracy – 7 micron accuracy: ISO 12836

Automated Impression Scanning – Medit’s industry-leading impression scanning leaps forward with the new Medit T-Series. Automatic double sided impression scanning and data alignment provides complete 3D files ready for design. New software tools enable you to combine the impression and plaster stump for more design flexibility, when making crowns or inlays using impression scans.

STL – High-resolution Cameras Medit T-Series scanners capture more details and geometry with higher resolution cameras and merge technology and data processing algorithms.

As with all our machines we offer a comprehensive package of installation, support and training. We are always happy to chat about your needs so give us a call on 0117 977 3593.