VITA Smartfire Furnace + Vacuum Pump


  • Intuitive use – material selection and program start in one step
  • Organized menu navigation with self-explanatory program symbols
  • Pre-installed programs for all common chairside materials
  • Convenient use, thanks to its space-saving construction
  • Reliable function through long-lasting firing technology
  • Durable housing with sealed surfaces.

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The VITA Smartfire furnace bundle is a firing unit developed specifically for dental practices for the crystallization, glaze, stain, and corrective firing of all common chairside materials. Selecting the materials and starting the program are done in just one step.  Optimally, customized material-specific programs are already pre-installed for simple firing. Thanks to its compact design, the firing unit can be set up easily and saves space in every practice.

VITA vacuum pump

In a soundproof box for a stable vacuum and constant level of compressed air.

Please note that this VITA Smartfire Furnace Bundle comes directly from Germany and as such requires up to two weeks to deliver.

For any queries, please click here to view our contact details


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