Margin Line Creation – Maryland Wing Design

Medit Link and Margin Line Creation

In this short video Niall talks about margin line creation focussing on maryland wing design, using Medit Link and Exocad.

Margin line creation is usually used for veneers, knife edge prep, crown removals… in this video we are going to use it for something different – Maryland wing design.

As a technician it can be difficult to work out where the margin line of the wing is going to finish, some people like it over the occlusal table or over the incisal edge, or you may want a little rest seat on there or something similar.

It can be difficult to communicate exactly what you want via a lab slip or even a dentist to technician phone call.

Medit Link is a collaborative tool that facilitates communication between dentists and labs and can be linked to CAD/CAM software, like Exocad, to improve work efficiency.

The margin line creation feature in Medit Link can be used effectively as a communication tool between dentist and lab technician, integrating with Exocad and leaving no room for guesswork.

It’s about integration and openness and when working on margin line creation using Medit Link and Exocad the clinician finishes off with their margin line creation and the technician can get started straight away, no copying pencil lines on a model; the process leaves no room for error.

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