Medit scanners – win the dental workflow race…

The Bristol Crown Company and Bristol Cadcam are both based in Bristol in the UK.

We started down the digital path around 15 years ago. Since that time we have used 10 different types of scanners in our milling centre but for the last few years have been running the Medit range of scanners. We started with the SE, then the Blues, and now the incredible Hybrid and T500. When put together with award-winning Exocad design software it is a powerful and superfast package.

I guess many dental laboratories are focusing a lot more on speed now as they realise that after venturing into the digital arena, the next step is to be as efficient as possible within that arena and get the most out of it.

Today’s milling machines are operated very simply and with little labour involved, if you need more units processed you just buy another mill. On the scanning side there is more work involved, with restoration design to be considered.

Opting for speed and efficiency

So it pays to have the fastest system available. Currently for us it is the Medit, but many scanners are fast enough today. In any milling centre, speed and efficiency is important, particularly when creating bridgework and full contour crowns, which continue to grow considerably in popularity. Apart from the flat out speed, there are also some clever features to reduce work time even further:

• Re-scan of any missing areas at any stage without having to scan everything again.

• The Flexible multi-die means a 3 unit bridge can be scanned in just three steps

• You can even easily customise your own scanning sequence.

• It is now possible to scan up to 16 dies from one case in just one go, saving even more time.

When it comes to accuracy, it is not just the number of microns claimed, with the current Medit scanners it’s < 7 microns, you will also have their new specialist alignment software available to guarantee the best possible dimensional accuracy for screw retained bridges and bars. Fit is assured.  It’s fast and accurate so work can be processed efficiently. Of course, Exocad can also receive intra oral scan files from most brands.

It is difficult not to be impressed when you test run a Medit for the first time and realise what a single operator can produce in one day. Ring us if you want a demo.

So how much faster?

With a 74% increase in speed and 84% decrease in data size with the latest scanners, a full arch scan takes just 16 seconds!

See for yourself

You are welcome to visit us here in Bristol and get a hands on introduction. We can show you how the Medit/Exocad combo works as part of our digital workflow, scan a case for you if you bring the models and mill the chosen design on the spot!

If you are worried about back up, we have now completed over 50 installations, and also run the European Support Centre for Medit. Finally, if you do get an unsolvable problem, you will be loaned a scanner for free, during the 4 year guarantee period on a T500.

Call us now for any further information and the latest prices and free scanner deals and join the move into CadCam today!