Looking at PMMA

So why HUGE Dental?

As a dental technician myself, it’s always been tricky assessing various products and materials. We are not scientists, metallurgists or chemists . . . . so where do we start? Well the truth is we look at the spec provided, which is actually the clever marketing, and we try to make some sort of informed decision. Or, we may listen to the sales patter from someone we know well and who is offering a ‘special deal’; you may even be flattered by being asked to be a ‘key opinion leader’.

Here is another thought you may find helpful – take a look at the company manufacturing the product you are interested in.

So, let’s look at HUGE DENTAL – Bristol CadCam has been supplying HUGE PMMA to UK Dental Laboratories for more than six years.

HUGE Dental was founded way back in 1985 in Shanghai. Is this a red flag? It could be, but not in this case. There are some exceptional companies in China that actually understand Western business and more importantly our high manufacturing standards and quality control. This focus on excellence has meant that HUGE Dental has grown consistently over the years and is today applying for a stock market listing.

HUGE Dental HQ is now in the city of Rizhao, situated on the coastline along the Yellow Sea and close to a major seaport. It covers more than 30,000 square meters and is equipped with a 1000 metre research and development laboratory. Out of a total of 600+ staff, more than 80 staff are involved in R&D. HUGE also have an R&D centre in Beijing and another in Qingdao. This has certainly earned my confidence in all their products.

HUGE Dental hold 60+ patents, 60+ trademarks and 17 software copyrights. World wide there are now more than 600 distributors and in this international market, people from more than 80 countries/regions are using HUGE products.

It is an impressive company.

To find out more click here to download their company information or give us a call on 0117 977 3593.

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