Let me state from the outset, hybrid ceramic is probably my favourite material for a single dental restoration: Quick and easy to make with no sintering, fine margins are straightforward, can be adjusted and re-polished, easy to add to even in situ, beautiful aesthetics, wears like tooth enamel, absorbs biting forces and more. And surely the most profitable item we make as dental technicians.

Finally, in chewing simulations at Freiburg University Hospital, literally zero fractures or defects occurred, so remakes will be few and far between if any.

There are a number of hybrid ceramics available today, but for me, VITA ENAMIC stands out as excellent in every respect. There is a lot of information on the Vita website for you to delve into, you can find out how VITA ENAMIC performs in a number of tests and there is information for those making the restorations, information for dentists and much more besides.

Here is a link to the technical and scientific information.

So exactly why should VITA ENAMIC be your choice too?

Well, it is the only hybrid with a dual network structure. This is where both ceramic and polymer networks penetrate each other completely. Other hybrids are highly filled composites, where the ceramic is a single filler with no structure.

Watch this video to see how it can retain its shape because of this dual network

No, we don’t need to resist a fire in the mouth, but it does show the superb material stability this dual network creates! It is this unique structure that provides the superior performance across the board that is detailed in the brochures.

Tim Brothers

Bristol Cadcam Co Ltd

VITA approved supplier