Bristol Cadcam have joined the ALS Dental Group

Dear All,

As you may have already heard, Bristol Cadcam have joined the ALS Dental Group.

This has been quite a journey for us, beginning with a number of questions: What are ALS’s intentions, will they make changes to the way we run our business now, will any of these changes affect our staff or customers in a positive way and will we still be able to offer the services and support that we have built our reputation on.

Big questions…with two crucial outcomes:

Firstly, yes, we can absolutely continue to run Bristol Cadcam as we do now.

Secondly, with considerable investment on the imminent horizon we will be moving to a state-of-the-art facility and continue to offer more.

  • More great support staff

  • More fantastic products

  • More training

Please note that ALS leave individual businesses to run as stand-alone entities once they have joined the ALS group, and that crucially the existing team and leadership here will remain unchanged.

The service and support you enjoy now will most definitely be available to you going forward.

We can honestly say that all of us here are genuinely excited about the future and that joining the ALS team is going to help us realise something we could never have imagined without them.

If you have any questions about our exciting news, or if you feel nervous about how this may affect our relationship with you, please do call either Tim or Jamie at any time and we will be happy to tell you more and set your mind at ease.

We thank you for your custom
Tim, Jamie and all the team at Bristol Cadcam