How to improve intraoral scanner performance and fix common issues

If you call our support team they will work hard to solve any issues you might be having. Along the way you may find there are things you could do that will make a difference to the performance of your scanner. We have put together a short video and blog, taking you through an average support call and giving you some tips and techniques to optimise your computer.
  • Check your cable
  • Check your connections
  • Restart your laptop
  • Check for updates
  • Change your settings
  • Optimise your laptop

Get your i700 intraoral scanner working and working better!

First of all, let’s look at why your scanner might not be working. Let’s start with the obvious, but always worth checking, make sure your scanner is switched on, have a look for the blue light to confirm.

If the scanner is randomly disconnecting, first check both ends of the cable and make sure there is no visible damage like frayed ends or exposed wires. If there is you will need to contact your supplier, it is likely a cable problem and you may need a replacement.

If you can’t see any damage to the cable and if it is an option, try plugging the cable into a different port.

Another option to rule out whether the laptop is the problem or not is to have a look at how you are connecting the scanner to the laptop. There are two ways of connecting the scanner to the laptop, the first is using the USB-C cable which connects the scanner directly to the laptop. The second is to use the power hub to connect the scanner to the laptop. It is possible that one of these options may work while the other does not. In this instance the problem probably lies with your laptop.

If that doesn’t work, it is time to try restarting the laptop. It is worth saying here that you need to restart the laptop, it is not the time to switch it off and switch it back on again. Restarting a laptop clears everything that might be causing problems with your scanner, switching it off and back on again does not.

You should also check for updates on your laptop, it isn’t always obvious that updates are available but worth giving it a try.

If your scanner is working but running slow check that the laptop is plugged in, if it isn’t the scanner won’t run at full speed. Plug that laptop in.

If you want to optimise your computer or laptop, there are two settings you can easily change to give yourself a little extra performance:

Go to Settings > System> Power and Battery.
In here you will see a dropdown menu for power mode. Click and proceed to select ‘Best Performance’.

Go to Settings > Gaming > Game Mode > Toggle game mode to ‘On’

These two settings should give you a little better performance whilst using your scanner.

If you are one of our customers the first thing we will do is take your team viewer login details, we can then see what you can see. We will then talk you through making all the necessary checks, testing and checking the cable, restarting the computer and checking for updates.

If we can’t sort your problem and think it likely to be the cable, we will organise for a new cable to be delivered to you for the next day.

If you have any questions about intraoral scanners or anything related to digital dentistry, or if you want to find out about our support packages, why not give us a call.

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