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Exocad Training for all levels of experience

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Training and support for our customers

We don’t just offer training on exocad we also sell and support exocad. If you are thinking that exocad might work for you we will chat to you about how you currently work, what you want to achieve and then talk you through which licence and which modules will work best to meet your needs. We will provide you with tailored training specifically to cover the modules you need to use day-to-day. You will also find we are on the end of the phone should you have any support needs or just a question once you start using your exocad package.

Exocad Courses

We run both beginner and advanced Exocad Training and Courses. The beginner’s course is for those of you who may have used exocad a little and for those of you who haven’t used it at all.

For those of you who have some experience of using exocad and would like to become more proficient or learn new techniques this is the course for you.

James Cox

Bristol CADCAM
Lead clinical trainer

James Cox, who leads on both the beginner and advanced exocad training and courses, is regarded as one of the best aesthetic dental designers in the UK and runs his own design company AesthetiCad.

He has a comprehensive knowledge of exocad and draws on his 10 years of experience to deliver some amazing content.

Exocad training and courses explained

Exocad is on a mission ‘to create the complete software solution for digital dentistry’. Exocad is the
tool for every dental technician who wants to be part of the future of digital dentistry. This is software that makes your job easier and even for first time users it is logical to use, it is a software that mirrors the analog work of a dental technician.

The standard version of exocad’s software covers a good range of indications, meaning it works for both new users of dental CAD and the more experienced user.

You can find a list of the available exocad modules here and also a cost comparison tool to help you choose the exocad licence that will work best for you.

How much does exocad cost – use our Exocad cost comparison tool

There are two licence models for exocad, the Flex and the Perpetual. Both are customisable and offer a complete software solution for your digital dentistry. To make your decision-making process easier you will find a price comparison tool here, giving you the details of all packages, bundles and modules and where you can compare both Flex and Perpetual options.

Let us help you decide which modules are best for you

If you would prefer to chat over these options, there is someone here who can help you in that decision-making process. We use exocad everyday so are in the best position to advise you, to ask you the right questions about what you want to achieve and make the recommendations that will work for you. All of those who have purchased exocad from us will benefit from personal support via phone and/or team viewer.

Exocad Beginners Course Content

The course is targeted at those who may have used exocad a little or those who don’t currently have any experience in it at all.

You may be a traditionally trained technician accustomed to analogue techniques such as waxing up, casting, ceramic build up and anatomy but may not have had much experience in transferring your skills to a digital format. You may be a process worker in a laboratory who would like to learn more, but feel it is hard to know where to start. Or you may be a newly qualified technician or studying technician looking to get a head start in your career, or simply someone new to digital dentistry and wanting to know what it is all about.

Dental Database for exocad

  • How we set up a case
  • Why we have different users / clients
  • What we select for each restoration
  • Bringing scans in from IOS or scan software

Dental CAD

  • A simple and concise step by step walk through of how to design the following restorations:
    Single anatomical crown Veneer
    Inlay / Onlay
    Coping / cutback coping
    3 unit bridge Maryland Bite splint
    Eggshell temps
    Import / align mesh


  • Model builder module
  • Virtual articulator module
  • How to achieve perfect occlusion / contact points
  • How to share designs exoviewer
  • How to export designs

Course content may vary of course and if you have any questions or if there is one thing you’d like to take away from the training course please get in touch.

Exocad Advanced Training Course Content

The exocad advanced training courses are suitable for those with some experience using exocad but if you have any doubts about which course is best for you just give us a call.

Here are some examples of what will be covered in an advanced course:

  • 2d Smile Design from a Patients photo
  • 3d Smile design functional mock up
  • Full arch Thimble design
  • Full arch Zr sleeve on arched bar

When is the next exocad training course?

We run several exocad training courses a year and to find out when the next course is running click here. If there is no course listed, don’t worry, another one is likely to be scheduled soon or you can just give us a call and you can register your interest here.

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