Shining 3D Autoscan DS-EX

Shining 3D Autoscan DS-EX

Cost effective 3D Scanning Solution

  • unmatched small footprint
  • ideal scanning solution for restricted spaces
  • latest structured light 3D scanning technology

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To book a demonstration or find out more call the team on 0117 977 3593.

Entry Level Dental 3D Scanner

Modular Structure

  • Detachable modules allowing future functional upgrades
  • Innovative quick release jig for convenient model setup

Compact Size

  • Unmatched in size, its footprint is ideal for office use
  • Highly portable with a total weight of 5 kg

Open Data Format

  • Export STL data, high compatibility with current open CAD/CAM software and hardware in the market.

Wide Range of Applications

  • Including wax-up, die, plaster model, impression, articulator and texture.

The AutoScan-DS-EX is specifically developed for the dental market. It adopts the latest structured light 3D scanning technology to provide accurate and efficient solutions for those who focus on pro-ductivity and cost-effectiveness.

The AutoScan-DS-EX 3D scanner provides an optimal data post-processing option through LAN net-work, and a revolutionary structure that allows easy upgrades for the foreseeable future. It is your ideal digital lab companion.

AutoScan-DS-EX 3D scanner can be applied to different levels of dental laboratories, dental vocational colleges, dental clinics, etc. Its intuitive design and automatic work-flow brings incredible benefits to dental labs and vocational education centers of dental technology.

Articulator scanning

Supports the 3D scanning of most articulators available in the market, such as Artex, KAVO, etc.

Triple-tray scanning

More convenient triple-tray impression scanning with optimized jig.

Texture scanning

Marks on dental models can be captured clearly, providing reference for further design work.

Continuous scanning

The AutoScan-DS-EX 3D scanner provides an optimal data post-processing option through LAN network.

Technical Specifications

Camera Resolution1.3 MP
Accuracy<15 µm
Scanning Range100 mm × 100 mm × 75 mm
Scanning TimeBite: 13 s; upper/lower jaw: 30 s; 1-8 dies: 30 s; impression: 120 s.
Scanning PrincipleStructured light 3D scanning
Temperature0°C – 30°C (higher temperatures will affect the scanning result)
Dimension260 mm × 270 mm × 420 mm
Weight5 kg

To book a demonstration call the team on 0117 977 3593 to find out more.