As top dealers for Roland DG, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new flagship DWX-series dental mill, the DWX 53DC. We have seen it in action and we are impressed. Look out for a more detailed review of all the features, coming soon.
  • 50% reduced time for disc changing

  • Faster PMMA Milling โ€“ Supports up to 4mm Burs

  • Three Times Stronger Collet Gripping Force

  • Web Based Portal for viewing live data from wherever you are

  • Dedicated air blower system dramatically reduces dust and waste materials.

£34,750.00Purchase & earn 3,475 points!

Next Generation

The DWX-53DC is the result of 12 yearsโ€™ experience in developing dental mills. It is a next generation desktop milling device that offers a swifter, cleaner production experience for all dental applications and is designed to appeal to the artist that is within every dental technician.

Faster Production

The DWX-53DC does not replace the highly popular DWX-52DCI, but offers faster production and higher quality results.

Technology Transforming to Art

Dental technicians create prostheses and dentures for patients, just like painters applying color by color. Each dental restoration is unique, exceptional, just like the most elaborate artwork. They have the ability to create a perfect fit for the individual characteristics of the mouth. Their porcelain work pursuing authenticity and beauty. In functionality and aesthetics, the power of dental technicians surpasses natural teeth.

“Automation” is not just the pursuit of efficiency; it is the technology to unlock the potential of human endeavor. The DWX-53DC, the latest disc changer model, enhances the value of โ€œcraftmanshipโ€ through intelligence and vitality โ€“ state-of-the-art digital technology and machine frame embodying “SMART” to unlock the next dimension. The unlimited world of creativity unfolds beyond its frame.ย ย