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VITABLOCS Mark II are monochromatic, tooth-coloured feldspar blanks with shades that match those of residual teeth.


  • fabricating reliable restorations thanks to a durable material with very good clinical performance
  • highly aesthetic restorations thanks to a material with superior play of colours and light
  • cost-effective reconstruction thanks to time-saving CAM fabrication and efficient finishing using a polishing process

monochromatic fine-structure feldspar ceramic
VITABLOCS Mark II is an aesthetic, tooth-coloured feldspar ceramic which is particularly suitable for CAD/CAM fabrication of inlays, onlays and partial crowns, their shades match those of residual teeth.


• Clinical reliability: With millions of restorations in more than 25 years, these ceramics have proven their excellent reliability. In clinical studies, success rates of over 90 percent are achieved for inlays, onlays and crowns.
• Cost-effectiveness: guaranteeing cost-effective fabrication of fully anatomical, tooth-coloured restorations. The restorative material can be inserted immediately after grinding and polishing. A firing procedure is not required, but can be carried out.
• Ultimate aesthetics: In combination with the wide range of shades (VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER/ VITA classical), the excellent translucency enables a natural play of colours.

We also stock the VITABLOCS® Guide 3D-MASTER®   a high-quality shade guide for the determination of shades of restorations made from VITABLOCS.


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Official Vita Zahnfabrik Supplier


About VITA

VITA Zahnfabrik offers innovative solutions for superior-quality dental prosthetics, products such as VITA Teeth and veneering and CAD/CAM materials.

Based in Germany, VITA Zahnfabrik has been providing dental technicians, dentists and patients with high-quality products since 1924. Uncompromising in its user-friendliness, aesthetics and quality, their products offer the ability to create high-end prosthetics that can be compared with natural teeth. This is why users from over 150 countries around the world trust in our products.

Dental Medicine Innovations

Whether it’s denture teeth or veneering materials, CAD/CAM blanks or press ceramics, furnaces or dental materials – all VITA product solutions are developed to be part of a complete system that offer efficient overall processes. This means, for example, that having to use multiple manufacturers in order to produce metal-free implant restorations is a thing of the past. From the root to the crown, everything is available from a single source with the zirconia implants ceramic.implant and VITA IMPLANT SOLUTIONS – CAD/CAM blanks with an interface to an adhesive/titanium base. Through the worldwide network of VITA courses, you can learn about the latest developments for perfect shade matching in prosthetics. 4 out of 5 shade values are determined with a VITA shade standard around the world.

Progress in Digital Dentistry

The family-owned company VITA Zahnfabrik AG is headquartered in Bad Säckingen, in the tri-border region of Germany, France and Switzerland. The company was founded in 1954 by the then 21-year-old Hans Rudolf Giger. Today it is run by the fourth generation – all with roots in Bad Säckingen and reflecting a diversity that is characteristic of the entire region. With approximately 770 employees from 20 countries performing research and production, there are no borders at VITA Zahnfabrik AG: either when it comes to everyday business or when it comes to thinking creatively about new products – pushing ahead on both fronts.

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