Upcera dental zirconia is fully certified for SFDA, FDA and CE and manufactured under ISO 13485 quality control conditions. The nano zirconia powder is also produced by us to specifications requested by our R&D division, giving us a unique ability to continually develop new and specialised zirconia for the dental market. All our zirconia is isostatically pressed. At present, four series of Upcera dental zirconia products are available…

Upcera Explore

Upcera EXPLORE is a multilayer full contour zirconia that can be used for all cases. To produce this new material we needed to meet four demanding criteria:

1. Anterior translucency for incisors

2. A multilayer colour gradient

3. High strength to support all bridgework

4. High fracture toughness to resist chipping

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Vivid ST

Available in white, single shade and multilayer

For a demanding posterior environment and longspan bridgework, Upcera ST zirconia has the extra strength required.

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Vivid Max

High translucent zirconia available in white or multilayer

Upcera TT zirconia has a translucency of 49% making it suitable for the anterior region. The subtle graduated colour from cervical to the incisor means beautiful aesthetics are consistently achievable.

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We also stock Vivid HS and Vivid STML.

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