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We are always on the look out for the latest in digital dental technology, looking to increase our offering to give you the widest choice in terms of performance, flexibility and value for money. For some time, we have been hearing about the Redon milling machines and decided to take a closer look.

Founded in 2007, Redon set out to produce ‘solutions that create value’ in the dental technology industry. Redon has become the pioneer in the sector in a short time, with no compromise on quality or precision they combine high performance products with aesthetic design to produce revolutionary products.

Redon’s rise in Europe

After noticing Redon’s rise in Europe, we added their GTR and Hybrid mills to our range. With impressive specifications we were eager to test them out and are now using them in earnest in our sister company the milling centre, Bristol Crown. Real time use of a machine gives us a unique opportunity to test every aspect of a machine, we went one step further and sent our man Ben to Redon headquarters in Istanbul to get some hands-on training.

Ben is one of our top technicians with over 10 years’ experience in digital dentistry, solving issues, fixing puzzles and generally keeping calm under pressure.

Ben’s visit to Redon earlier this year

We can’t say we weren’t all a little jealous of Ben setting off for a week in Turkey, imagining him bathing in warm sunshine next to a hotel pool sipping cocktails. Of course, this was never going to be the reality. The weather turned out to be not so good, dull and overcast and even colder than the weather we were experiencing back at base.

Ben’s visit started with a tour around the factory in Istanbul, including the onsite machine shop where multiple parts of the machine are milled and finished, the rest of his time there was mainly spent on the factory floor where 20 plus machines are being built at any one time.

The training began with the basics of setting up and using the machine, covering all aspects of the workings of the different machines. At one point a finished machine was wheeled over, and Ben worked to completely disassemble the machine and go through all the different components and their function.

Throughout the training Ben was frequently taken back to the factory floor to watch each stage of the machine’s construction, viewing the initial assembly and calibration, the adding of the screws and motors and their subsequent calibrations.

The process was impressive, watching the installation of the machines drive belts and the belts are checked to be the correct tension. Watching the most experienced machine builder correctly adjusting the belt tensions purely by touch without the use of the belt tension meter, impressive indeed.

Watching the machines being built and tested Ben saw that after every major part was added and positioned correctly and installed the engineer would remove the screws one at a time just to reinstall them after applying Loctite.

Great Hospitality

Of course, it wasn’t all work. At lunch time the friendly hosts at Redon factory would arrange for a different Turkish dish to be prepared; Ben certainly didn’t go hungry during his visit. On the last night of his stay there was a grand finale of a huge Turkish feast which included deep fried cheese as a desert. With the factory in the heart of the city Ben got to experience a very different lifestyle with crazy traffic some days on travel to and from the factory with cars driving bumper to bumper or driving the wrong way on motorways, and even a lorry reversing straight into oncoming traffic.

Exclusive Dealer

The GTR has 5-Axis Simultaneous Milling Technology which achieves flawless results on 5 axes with advanced tool path control, while the Hybrid offers a machine for all your needs. Unique hardware that can process any material you want.

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