The ultimate EXOCAD trade-up offer is here!

With this offer, you can upgrade any old software licenses and benefit threefold:


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  • Upgrade to the current software version DentalCAD 3.1 Rijeka
  • A license equipped with all Ultimate Bundle DentalCAD modules
  • Access to any next generation DentalCAD software released within the next 12 months
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Award-winning Software

exocad is award-winning dental design software. Its intuitive interface makes it great for beginners, yet powerful in the hands of an expert, providing stable, consistent results.

Designed with dental professionals in mind, Exocad offers a complete software solution for digital dentistry.

Bristol CadCam supplies and supports Exocad, sourcing modules as needed. We also offer comprehensive training in this and other CadCam software.

We now have a Price Comparison Tool which gives you all the details of all packages, bundles and modules and compares both Flex and Perpetual options.

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