Bristol CadCam are pleased to have become an exclusive UK dealer for Redon.

After noticing Redon’s rise in Europe as a leader in producing high-performance products, we added their GTR and Hybrid mills to our range. With impressive specifications we were eager to test them out and we must admit, they have lived up to and surpassed every expectation. The GTR has 5-Axis Simultaneous Milling Technology which achieves flawless results on 5 axes with advanced tool path control, while the Hybrid offers a machine for all your needs. Unique hardware that can process any material you want.

History of Redon

“Founded in 2007, Redon set out with the dream to be able to produce “”solutions that create value”” in the dental technology industry. Focusing on the many years of experience of people who are passionate about their work, Redon has become the pioneer in the sector in a short time due to its service concept that does not compromise on quality or precision. First, it determined the needs of the sector by using various analytical methods. Then, by combining high-performance products with aesthetic design, it began to produce revolutionary products. While tripling its market share in Turkey over the last three years, Redon achieved the most preferred dental cad/cam milling machine title in Turkey in 2019-2020. Today, Redon continues to provide value-added solutions with it services in 17 countries, especially in Europe.

The sister company to Bristol CadCam is Bristol Crown dental lab, and they are using the Redon GTR in earnest and so far the results are impressive. Why not give us a call on 0117 977 3593 to find out more about these new impressive milling machines.