• Mogucera dental alloy C disc

    Chrome Cobalt discs from our German supplier. Free of nickel, beryllium, lead and cadmium, Mogucera is an excellent material for crowns, bridges, crown and bridge frameworks for metal ceramics, milled telescopes, bars, attachments, implant supported superstructures and abutments. Advantages for dental technicians:
    • type 4 with a very wide range of indications
    • excellent metal-ceramic bonding
    • easy to work with and very easy to polish
    • medium hardness of 288 HV 10
    • suitable for dry and wet milling laser weldable
    You can find the Starbond Mogucera information sheet here.
  • Excellent machining and accurate for bridgework. Easy to handle and finish, a great way to digitise your casting room.