Report back from Shanghai Dental Show

//Report back from Shanghai Dental Show

Report back from Shanghai Dental Show

Here, from just one dental show, are a nice collection of milling machines.

Some you may recognise, but most you probably won’t! Here are some more…

Now here is something interesting…I wonder what sort of mill uses a CrCo block this size?

And there’s more!

Here are the burs you might need for some of these mills…to make this tooth!


So, if you are trying to decide on a milling machine to suit your workflow and pocket, how on earth do you choose? A minefield! I think it would be difficult for an engineer, let alone us Technicians.

Hearing so many problems from dental labs in the UK, two things are apparent: First, there will be problems and secondly there is very little support out there. So maybe support is the first place to start. Speak to other owners for their experience when the mill went down, this is what you will be facing.


Yes, you probably guessed, these mills were among over 60 machines on show at the Shanghai Dental Show October 2016. In October this year (2018) I saw even more. A huge, busy and very professional show, with all the big names there. Cologne is up next, 12th-16th March 2019, and traditionally this is a show for launching new products, so expect even more to choose from!