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Looking at PMMA

So why HUGE Dental? As a dental technician myself, it's always been tricky assessing various products and materials. We are not scientists, metallurgists or chemists . . . . so where do we start? Well the truth is we look at the spec provided, which is actually the clever marketing, and we try to make [...]

Looking at PMMA2021-01-21T15:52:26+00:00

Let’s Get Milling!

Milling burs, endmills……..yet another consumable we as Dental Technicians are now buying more of as we move further along the route to full digitisation. However, like everything else there are a range of qualities available at hugely different prices. How do we make any judgement? Does it make any difference? Visually, they look exactly the [...]

Let’s Get Milling!2020-10-15T11:32:33+01:00